Advantages Of Selling Door To Door

Although many people may think selling door to door is an old and worn out strategy, it is still a highly effective method to drive sales and acquire new customers. This is especially true with security companies, as many thriving businesses are seeing the benefit of utilizing door to door selling in their marketing. 


Why is it so effective?

A major reason door to door is so effective is because door reps are creating real connections with their potential customers. It is different than all the digital marketing we see these days through mobile advertisements on social media, the radio, and the internet. Knocking doors allow these companies to communicate with people one human to another and allows for customized sales pitches. Each sales rep is unique and in turn they can use that to incorporate their own body language and tone when they sell, something that digital advertisements are not able to offer. 


Technology has changed and advanced so much, but there will never be a replacement for human to human, face to face connection. Commercials and internet ads are not able to speak with a customer and talk with them about their challenges and answer their questions. Door to door sales reps have an advantage because they can speak with potential customers face to face, answer any questions they may have, resolve their objections, and help them feel good about their decision to buy. I found this to be one of my favorite things when selling alarms. There was something special about sitting down with a family and just talking about the system and the ways it can benefit them personally.


For example, a conversation may look like, “How many people are coming in and out of the house? Do the kids come in on their own when they get home from school? Okay well, check out this door lock, each of your children can have their own PIN # to get in or you can see them on your doorbell camera on your phone and open the door for them when they get home.. Pretty cool huh?” They would always be more excited about the system when they were shown how it can benefit them personally. That is something that is uniquely cool about door to door sales. 



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