Highlights From SSI's Deep Dive Into Alarm Business Management Software

Can Alarm Business Management Software Really Improve Your Bottom Line? (Yes. Significantly.)

Earlier this year, Security Sales and Integration Magazine set out to understand alarm business management software usage. We want it to be known upfront that AlarmHive did sponsor the research, as did other software companies within the alarm industry.  However, we wouldn’t dream of trying to sway the findings, nor would SSI have allowed us to do so.  We believe you will find the results of this effort very beneficial to your business, so we thought we would pull out some of the highlights for you!  If you want to read the full article on their findings, please direct your browser to:  https://www.securitysales.com/download/2020-ssi-business-software-deep-dive/ 


Who is This Post For? 

As we read the results, we felt the findings would be most helpful to dealers who may not be using software, who may be using QuickBooks to run more than the accounting aspects of their business, or perhaps to those who are using Excel, or a mix of various software applications.  It is interesting that of the 169 respondents, 73%, or 123 of them, used 3 or more software applications to run their business. The typical integration company uses 6.  If you fit any of these categories, this one is for you! 


Famous Scottish Author Andrew Lang once said, People use statistics as drunk people use a lamppost-for support rather than illumination.  Our goal is not to use the statistics from SSI’s findings as support that AlarmHive is your best option to manage your business.  We will, however, use the statistics from their research to illuminate why a business management software will help simplify your life, reduce stress, reduce the time spent looking at a screen, and add significant money to your bottom line.  If any of those sound attractive to you, we invite you to read on! 


Who Couldn’t Use 20% More of a Good Thing?   

The statistic that stands out the most to me from the survey affirms that using software to run an alarm dealer business provides nearly a 20% boost to the bottom line!  In our own business, anything that would increase our bottom line by 20% would be implemented immediately!  Oh, the things AlarmHive could do with an increase of 20% to our bottom line…but I digress.  Through increased RMR, improved customer and market data, fewer contract defaults, the ability to track inventory from the moment it is received into the warehouse, until it is installed in a clients home, reduced likelihood of a customer slipping through the cracks for install, service, and the ability to schedule and track the effectiveness of the installation team, and more, business management software that is specifically created for the industry can help every dealer experience the 20% increase to the bottom line. 


Top Factors Considered When Selecting Alarm Business Management Software 

Price. 39% of respondents indicated that cost was the most important criterion.  This statistic aligns with what we find day-in-and-day-out as we meet with integrators.  In our own company, it’s a primary concern of ours as well.  We all have budget constraints with which to work and overpaying for software can hurt.  Our recommendation is to look for an alarm business management software company that is willing to grow with you, not one that charges an exorbitant amount upfront or a monthly fee, regardless of how much or how little the software is used.  AlarmHive does not charge any upfront or monthly fees to use the software.  Of course, certain requested integrations may cost more, but AlarmHive is available to customers with no upfront fee.  We grow with you and we only make money when you make money.  We take a small percentage on the backend for every transaction processed through AlarmHive.


Support/Customer Service. It feels so frustrating to try to get support from a software company these days.  We’ve been there!  Calls often have wait times in excess of an hour, the representative on the other line often does not know enough to help, or where to go to get help, the things they request of us to “try”, we already tried before we called them, they promise to get back with us and they either don’t or they have nothing new to say.  When we created AlarmHive, we wanted to include a team of professionals who had no more than 50 accounts assigned to them, who knew the product as well as our development team, who could answer any questions a customer has.  In time, we named these team members “Hive Leaders”.  Their job is to support our customers throughout our relationship with them.  They are to assure our customers get the help they need, that they are able to use AlarmHive to its fullest extent, and they help the customer grow their business.  Keeping our customers happy and helping grow their RMR is the only way we stay in business.  As a result, our Hive Leaders are some of our most important team members


Speed. The alarm industry moves at a fast pace.  When prospecting for business, when a customer signs the contractwhen inventory is being received, when a system is being installed, and when the customer is being billed, there is no time to let grass grow under our feet.  The system must be able to keep up and roll with the changes quickly.  AlarmHive is written from the ground up to be agile, nimble and quick, by aligning with how every dealer runs their workflow. If a dealer installs one alarm a month or thousands a month, we feel they both deserve a system that works at their pace and is quick and intuitive to navigate.


Summing it Up

A quote from the findings sums it up so well, “The more quickly and efficiently menial tasks can be performed using software, the more time can be spent on the enjoyable parts of the business, such as interacting with clients and designing systems.  After all, no one got into the integration business because they had an overwhelming desire to spend countless hours doing payroll and sweating over spreadsheets!”  We would add that a trusted alarm integrator software, that can perform the menial tasks also frees our customers up to spend more time with those they love, doing things they love doing with those they love. Life is too short and moves too quickly to spend time on a system that takes us away from the things that matter most.  



Trent Whatcott 




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