Alarm “Buzzness” Tips During the Pandemic

Alarm “Buzzness” Tips During the Pandemic

By Rubee Buzzington / April 19, 2021

Let’s take a quick buzz back in history to 1918 … a time when schools, movie theaters, and other public places were closed; a “no-spitting” ordinance was enforced; use of handkerchiefs or disposable tissues was encouraged, and people were required to wear masks in public. Sounds a bit familiar, huh? Well, history does tend to […]

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How to Build a Security Brand that Generates Positive Buzz

How to Build a Security Brand that Generates Positive Buzz

By Queen Bee / April 9, 2021

So, are you ready to embrace your “inner bee” to generate a security brand that generates some positive “buzz,” but you have no idea where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right colony because our Queen Bee offers the following buzz-worthy tips and principles that she uses to keep her hive thriving which also holds true to creating a “bumbling” brand by cutting through all the useless […]

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The Alarm Industry is Abuzz About House Bill 465

The Alarm Industry is Abuzz About House Bill 465

By Queen Bee / March 30, 2021

Will security alarm dealers still have to pay for false alarms in the state of Georgia? The fate is decided this week as the Georgia State Senate votes on House Bill 465.  The hive is alive and buzzing with anticipation this week all about security alarm dealers and contractors in Georgia, who may be able to add a little pep in […]

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the rise in cybercrime

The Rise In Cybercrime

By INVISUS / March 22, 2021

Motor vehicle theft rates nationwide have dropped by 66% in the last 30 years and plummeted as much as 96% in places like New York City. Why? Simple technologies have made it more difficult, such as microchip keys, remote engine shut off, and the ability to track the location of a stolen vehicle. You see, criminals are not overly sophisticated. […]

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Alarm Buzz Podcast Launches

Alarm Buzz Podcast Launches to Provide Alarm Industry Another Avenue for Sharing Ideas

By Trent Whatcott, Co-Founder / March 16, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Salt Lake City, UT, 03/16/2020: With 3 shows posted, Alarm Buzz (, a new podcast dedicated to the alarm industry, has recently launched.  Alarm Buzz was created to bring industry professionals on to discuss tips, tricks, ideas, stories, and much more for the alarm industry.  Every week, a new episode will launch with guests from all aspects of […]

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Diversify Your Security Revenue Through Cybersecurity

By INVISUS / March 15, 2021

Cybersecurity is becoming a critical component of home security.  In today’s competitive market, it’s imperative that security dealers  look at ways to diversify and engage in offering additional products to their existing revenue.   With the unprecedented uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought, businesses are looking for revenue sustainability and to ensure revenue sustainability.     In a recent survey, completed by Hubspot, “the […]

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Highlights From SSI's Deep Dive Into Alarm Business Management Software

Can Alarm Business Management Software Really Improve Your Bottom Line? (Yes. Significantly.)

By Trent Whatcott, Co-Founder / March 2, 2021

Earlier this year, Security Sales and Integration Magazine set out to understand alarm business management software usage. We want it to be known upfront that AlarmHive did sponsor the research, as did other software companies within the alarm industry.  However, we wouldn’t dream of trying to sway the findings, nor would SSI have allowed us to do so.  We believe you will […]

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How To Stay Relevant In A Changing Security Market

By Kaytlin Campbell, Hive Leader / February 23, 2021

If there is one saying that applies to almost anything in life, it would be, there is always room to grow. The security market is continually changing, and that has never been more true. Because of it, we’ve seen some companies grow, and others disappear. Dealers must be adaptable and be able to maneuver in an ever-changing world.    Technology […]

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AlarmHIve Partners With AvantGuard

AlarmHive, Security Business Management Software Partners With AvantGuard Monitoring Centers

By Trent Whatcott, Co-Founder / February 15, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Salt Lake City, UT, 02/16/2020: Security business management software company, AlarmHive announced today a new integration partnership with AvantGuard Monitoring Centers, providing AvantGuard’s network of independent dealers with software that is built to be tailored to each individual alarm dealer’s business.    “We are excited to work with AvantGuard,” states Trent Whatcott, Co-Founder of AlarmHive, “because working directly with such great central station partners is key to our being able to help dealers simplify their lives by dynamically aligning their […]

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Advantages Of Selling Door To Door

By Dexter Hunsaker, Hive Leader / January 8, 2021

Although many people may think selling door to door is an old and worn out strategy, it is still a highly effective method to drive sales and acquire new customers. This is especially true with security companies, as many thriving businesses are seeing the benefit of utilizing door to door selling in their marketing.    Why is it so effective? A major reason […]

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Residential Cybersecurity Protection

AlarmHive, Partners With Cybersecurity & Identity Protection Company, INVISUS

By Trent Whatcott, Co-Founder / December 16, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Salt Lake City, UT, 12/16/2020: Security industry business management software company, AlarmHive announced today a new partnership with INVISUS a cybersecurity and identity theft protection company, located in American Fork, Utah. This partnership enables alarm dealers to package cybersecurity and identity theft protection when selling alarm systems, adding significant value to the […]

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