Alarm “Buzzness” Tips During the Pandemic

Alarm “Buzzness” Tips During the Pandemic

By Rubee Buzzington / April 19, 2021

Let’s take a quick buzz back in history to 1918 … a time when schools, movie theaters, and other public places were closed; a “no-spitting” ordinance was enforced; use of handkerchiefs or disposable tissues was encouraged, and people were required to wear masks in public. Sounds a bit familiar, huh? Well, history does tend to […]

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Alarm dealer business management software

The Stinger Wagging The Bee: The Alarm Industry Has A Problem & There’s A Simple Fix

By Trent Whatcott, Co-Founder / September 24, 2020

Alarm dealer business management software options today boggle the mind. It is no wonder that a top concern of dealers is that a “Simple to use and easy to implement software solution dealers can work with; set it and forget it.” (, 2019) does not exist.   Currently, alarm dealers are required to pay significant […]

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AlarmHive Supports Operation Underground Railroad

Safe & Alive Inside Their Family Hive

By Trent Whatcott, Co-Founder / July 29, 2020

DAD!!  DAD!!  DAD!! DAD!!  DAD!! Came a terrified scream from my 15-year-old daughter.    Minutes before, we had purchased our items at Target, were walking out the door and having a normal father/daughter conversation.    All I knew up to that instant was that we were walking close to each other, chatting and laughing as we were walking to my truck to go home.  The passenger […]

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AlarmHive & Operation Underground Railroad

AlarmHive, An Alarm Business Management Software Elects To Become An Operation Underground Railroad Supporter

By Trent Whatcott, Co-Founder / July 28, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE South Jordan, UT, July 28, 2020-When AlarmHive was in the process of development, the team decided that it needed to support those who are less fortunate from day one of product launch and they began the process of determining who they would support.  They considered many worthy organizations that provide support and […]

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AlarmHive Revolutionizes Alarm Industry Business Management Software

By Trent Whatcott, Co-Founder / July 16, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SALT LAKE CITY, UT, June 17, 2020 — Over the course of the past 18 months, a company that started with one person’s vision of how work could improve for alarm dealers, was slowly building momentum.  AlarmHive is now at the cusp of launching what they believe is an industry-changing business management […]

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The Importance of the Alarm Industry

The Importance of the Alarm Industry in the World We Live in Today

By Sharon Bushman, VP of Customer Adoption / June 4, 2020

About a week into America’s ‘panic buying’ that resulted from COVID-19, I read a social media post that enraged me. A family friend, a sweet elder woman we’ve known for years, had all of her food storage stolen from her home. When I first heard the news, I could not believe what I was reading! […]

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Why Hive?

By Trent Whatcott, Co-Founder / June 4, 2020

As we were discussing the branding for our company, we hit a wall at the name. We knew “Alarm” was required to communicate which industry we serve. We felt it was a real benefit to our future customers to know that the alarm dealer market is where our passion lies. As I was lying in […]

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The Human Touch in an Automated World

By Quinque Osborne, Chief Operations Officer / June 4, 2020

It was like any typical Saturday for me; running my errands around our small town, trying to make the most of my weekend. A quick swing through the drive – thru ATM for some cash, and then an inside visit to McDonalds, where I ordered our meals to-go on a kiosk. I grab our food […]

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