Alarm “Buzzness” Tips During the Pandemic

Alarm “Buzzness” Tips During the Pandemic

Let’s take a quick buzz back in history to 1918 … a time when schools, movie theaters, and other public places were closed; a “no-spitting” ordinance was enforced; use of handkerchiefs or disposable tissues was encouraged, and people were required to wear masks in public. Sounds a bit familiar, huh? Well, history does tend to repeat itself.  

Back then, the deadliest flu outbreak in history was plaguing society, and people were doing all they could to stay safe and healthy, much the same as the COVID pandemic is currently affecting our modern-day “hive.” However, we’re at a point now where things have opened back up or are re-opening, and security has been, is, and will remain a high priority. This is “buzz-worthy” news for alarm companies and here are the top five tips for your “hive to thrive” and soar to new heights, even during a pandemic:  


Make goal-setting everyone’s beeswax

Call a goal-setting meeting of your entire organization – if someone is on the payroll, they should be invited and required to attend. Together, assess where your company currently is and where the company should strive to be in the future. Set realistic, achievable goals to make this perceived future your company’s reality.  

Getting input from all staff ensures employees are involved in setting the goals, understand them and are more likely to work to achieve them, as they had a say in setting them, creating a sense of ownership and dedication  


Take a break from being a “busy bee” to focus on your contracts

Make sure all contracts are up to date, and terms and conditions are highlighted and spelled out correctly. Seek professional advice if needed. Ken Kirschenbaum, alarm and security lawyer for over 40 years, offers sound, practical advice as well as standardized alarm contracts 


Truth “bee” told, RMR is VERY valuable

Not only does recurring monthly revenue guarantee cash flow into your alarm company monthly, but it helps business trust and commitment with customers.  

For example, in addition to alarm services, you could offer water leak monitoring for a monthly fee to prevent flooding to your end-user customer’s homes and/or businesses. This provides extreme value because time spent filing insurance claims and the headache of working with insurance companies becomes a non-issue; the whole facility or home is saved from damage, sometimes irreparable damage; and end-user customer trust has been reinforced as your alarm company becomes the “queen bee” of the situation, taking control and preventing a dreadful situation. 


Soar into cybersecurity

More people are working- and schooling-from-home, which has increased business correspondence and the sharing of sensitive and sometimes private information digitally, and more likely to be intercepted by sophisticated hackers.  

Make sure all your employees are fully vetted and trained in cybersecurity — what to look for, most common threats to your company, how to prevent these threats, what to do when threatened and what to do when a cyber attack occurs. Also, educate customers and should a breach or hack occur, keep them informed with accurate, timely information. Being honest and transparent helps build trust and life-long customers.  

We strongly recommend Invisus’ product iDefend.  iDefend provides the ultimate in Cybersecurity and Identity protection, with varying levels of service.  Their Tier 1 service is only $1 to your customers and includes $1.000,000 in cyber protection.  With cybersecurity being at the forefront of your customer’s minds, someone is going to provide them with service, it might as well be you!  You can be the one who can protect them from break-ins and log-ins! For more information about Invisus or iDefenddirect your browser to: 


Keep on flying

Aerodynamically, the bumblebee should not be able to fly but it doesn’t know this, so it keeps on flying. Subscribe to this philosophy. Security has been, is, and always will be a priority because people, no matter where they are — at home or work, on vacation, at an airport, shopping at the grocery store, etc. — want to feel safe and secure. Continue to brainstorm ways to differentiate your products and services and offer unique, customized solutions to fulfill customers’ wants and needs. Don’t let anything, even a pandemic, stop you! 


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