How to Build a Security Brand that Generates Positive Buzz

How to Build a Security Brand that Generates Positive Buzz

So, are you ready to embrace your “inner bee” to generate a security brand that generates some positive “buzz,” but you have no idea where to start? Well, you’ve come to the right colony because our Queen Bee offers the following buzz-worthy tips and principles that she uses to keep her hive thriving which also holds true to creating a “bumbling” brand by cutting through all the useless humming, whirring and murmur:

BEE Consistent 

Just as the queen bee of a hive is consistent with her leadership by encouraging, motivating, disciplining, etc. her worker and drone bees, brands need this type of dedicated consistency to create dedicated employees that in turn, help establish a trustworthy brand. Create a list of brand-specific values that tell your story and follow them!

BEE Customer-centric

 Prioritize all customers! If your brand makes a mistake, be proactive, apologize and fix it. Provide customer-focused experiences, such as sending hand-written thank you notes or offer promo codes. This fosters trust, builds confidence, and creates little “bees” buzzing around, telling their family and friends about your amazing brand! Word of mouth is powerful!  

BEE Giving

Bees only need food and water to survive but think about what you can give your brand’s employees, customers, industry peers, etc. to not just survive, but thrive! For example, creating and offering a free e-book to anyone on a hot industry topic would allow others to learn about the topic and how they can apply the topic in their personal and business lives to thrive.  

BEE Innovative

Don’t be afraid to “think outside the ‘hive.’” Brainstorm new, exciting ways your brand can use your product or service, and then tell that story to the industry to inspire others. 

BEE Motivational

When a bee discovers a nectar source, he/she performs a “waggle dance” that will spur others on toward that source of nourishment. As a brand owner, leader or employee, find ways to encourage those around you. This could be as easy as writing “You rock!” on a sticky note and attaching it to co-workers’ computer screen. This positive energy extends to customers and outward into the industry! 

BEE Recognizable

Wherever your brand is — business website; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or any of the other thousands of social media platforms; at physical events; etc. — fine-tune your look with brand-specific logos, colors, slogans, sayings, etc. so that anyone looking will immediately recognize your brand. 

BEE Social

Create a consistent brand voice that your customers enjoy and will interact with on social media platforms. Think of “talk triggers” — subjects customers can’t help but engage with via digital connections. 

BEE a Queen (or King)

No matter your position within a brand — owner, manager, hive keeper, honey maker, janitor — act differently. Just as a queen bee is easily distinguished from other members with her longer body and smaller wings, you need to “look different” from others by your actions. Lead by positive examples and motivation; actions always speak louder than words. 

BEE Useful

Always think of ways for your brand to be helpful. Create usable, easytoconsume content, customer guides, or value-adds. For example, give current customers access to your brand’s private, online Facebook Group and share exclusive, special offers just for members of the group. 


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