How To Stay Relevant In A Changing Security Market

If there is one saying that applies to almost anything in life, it would be, there is always room to grow. The security market is continually changing, and that has never been more true. Because of it, we’ve seen some companies grow, and others disappear. Dealers must be adaptable and be able to maneuver in an ever-changing world. 


Technology is changing rapidly. If you would like your business to stay relevant, you will have to keep your team trained on the latest technologies. There are many resources for training. Taking advantage of those and keeping your team up to speed – is the key to stay ahead and maintain excellent relationships. 


Maintaining RMR as the Lifeline

In the security industry, strengthening and maintaining RMR is the lifeline. Having recurring revenue from a monthly fee for services will give you continual money coming in. As you grow, you will see your monthly revenue escalate, and that is exciting! The traditional security sales model was to get alarm contracts and then sell them to larger companies for a one-time payout. Why do that when you can have the monthly RMR coming to you for that sale you worked so hard to get? As a dealer, if you offer the most effective quality in installation or products, then don’t be afraid to price yourself that way! The majority of the industry requires professionals because there are a lot of jobs that individuals simply can’t do themselves. Sure, you can change a light bulb, but when it comes to re-wiring, you most likely seek professional help. 


Customers want to feel valued. The most effective way to show your customer base that you respect their needs is to get feedback AND apply it. It will indicate that you’re listening and genuinely care about them. If you show your customers that you are loyal to them, they’ll continue to stay loyal to you and be a lot more likely to refer their friends and family. 


Along with valuing your customers, a happy employee will work harder for your company – simple as that. Your employees need to feel as important, if not more. On top of that, they need to feel that their job has meaning. Look for opportunities to praise your employees! It will give them the incentive to work harder for you and your customers. As we know, when the customer is happy, everyone is happy, and the company has a healthier environment. 



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