Brady Bowles

Hive Leader

So, you have heard the buzz about AlarmHive, here is a little bit about me. I came to AlarmHive being new to the alarm industry, but within our Colony, I am surrounded by people with plenty of experience to help me along the way. I am part of this team because we believe in building and maintaining a deep relationship with our customers, this is one thing I can say I thrive at! I love meeting new people, investing in their success, and having new and exciting experiences.Some of my side hobbies include, but are not limited to camping, fishing, four wheeling, and golf.

When we are not busy buzzing to help our customers, you can find me doing all those hobbies, (hopefully not all at once…. That could get dangerous!) So, with that I say, welcome to the Hive, AlarmHive that is! We look forward to building our hive with you!

About AlarmHive

Just some busy bees revolutionizing the business management software experience for the alarm industry. We're All Honey, No Sting.

Contact Us

Phone: (385) 429-6536
Location: 5414 West Daybreak Parkway, C4242 South Jordan, UT 84009

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