Hannah Boone

Marketing & Creative Manager

You're probably here to learn a little bit about me. Well, here goes nothing! Music, podcasts, and coffee are my fuel. Hiking and golfing are a couple of my favorite hobbies, and dancing is just a part of my everyday life (even though I have no moves to brag about). I love listening to people's stories and ideas and sharing a few of my own along the way. Lastly, nothing brings me more fulfillment than tackling a creative project to serve someone, and that's why I love working with this company.

AlarmHive shares the same ambition as I do to help individuals and businesses in innovative ways. Whether it be a new client, partnership, or an employee joining our Colony, we invest in their success and dreams as if they were our own, because all of us know from personal and professional experiences that when people come together as a hive, we thrive.

About AlarmHive

Just some busy bees revolutionizing the business management software experience for the alarm industry. We're All Honey, No Sting.

Contact Us

Phone: (385) 429-6536
Email: hello@alarmhive.com
Location: 5414 West Daybreak Parkway, C4242 South Jordan, UT 84009

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