Serge Murzin

Digital Marketer

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

This saying is all about me. My biggest passion in life is to create. I love drawing and painting, writing books and stories, handicraft etc. And the best part of creating stuff is sharing it with others. By sharing I mean exchange ideas, experience, thoughts. I always get inspired by interesting people or some new and unique ideas.

AlarmHive is full of these people and ideas. That's why I love working in this company. Everyday I get to deal with interesting thoughts, creative people and loving atmosphere. We put a lot of passion in our projects and we're creating something new for the Alarm industry.

About AlarmHive

We're a team of busy bees working hard to build the best business management software for Independent Alarm dealers.

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Phone: (385) 429-6536
Location: 5414 West Daybreak Parkway, C4242 South Jordan, UT 84009

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