Serge Murzin

Digital Marketer

"The creative adult is the child who survived."

This saying is all about me. My biggest passion in life is to create. I love drawing and painting, writing books and stories, handicraft etc. And the best part of creating stuff is sharing it with others. By sharing I mean exchange ideas, experience, thoughts. I always get inspired by interesting people or some new and unique ideas.

AlarmHive is full of these people and ideas. That's why I love working in this company. Everyday I get to deal with interesting thoughts, creative people and loving atmosphere. We put a lot of passion in our projects and we're creating something new for the Alarm industry.

About AlarmHive

Just some busy bees revolutionizing the business management software experience for the alarm industry. We're All Honey, No Sting.

Contact Us

Phone: (385) 429-6536
Location: 5414 West Daybreak Parkway, C4242 South Jordan, UT 84009

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