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Safe & Alive Inside Their Family Hive

DAD!!  DAD!!  DAD!! DAD!!  DAD!!

Came a terrified scream from my 15-year-old daughter.   

Minutes before, we had purchased our items at Target, were walking out the door and having a normal father/daughter conversation. 


All I knew up to that instant was that we were walking close to each other, chatting and laughing as we were walking to my truck to go home.  The passenger door was facing the store, so I began to make a wider swath to get into the driver’s side, as my daughter began walking straight to the passenger door.   As I was rounding the rear of the truck and heading to the door, her blood-curdling scream stopped me in my trucks.   


I looked back to see what would cause such panic, just in time to see her SPRINTING toward me while still screaming.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a scrawny adult male standing in-between two cars looking down at his phone.  “That guy tried to grab me!” she said through a terrified, shaky voice.  She and I had just enough space between us that he could have taken her before I noticed she was gone.   


I looked over at him again, as he continued to look at his phone like he had been standing there the entire time, minding his own business.  It was all I could do to maintain my composure and not confront him.  My better senses took overI put my arm around herpulled her to the driver’s side door, and helped her into the truck.  As soon as we were in the truck with the doors locked, I looked up and just as quickly as he appeared, he was gone.  We called the police and they looked for him with us, to no avail. 


As we drove home terrified, I said a quick prayer of gratitude that my daughter was aware, that she was close enough to me that she could get to me, and that she was safely on the way home with me. 


At this point, I realized how tired I was.  It was late and the rest of the family was asleep.  I hugged my daughter goodnight and laid down.  But sleep escaped me.  I laid there re-living the experience as a way to try to process what had happened; to somehow make sense of it.  Then the questions kicked on.  What if he had succeeded?  How different would this moment be?  Would we ever have been the same?  What were his plans for her?  Is it safe to take my kids anywhere anymore?  Who is so evil that they would separate a child from their parents? 


Then my thoughts drifted to the knowledge that there are too many young girls who have been lured away from their parents.  What are they feeling at this very moment?  What are the parents whose children have been gone for a year or more feeling?  What about the ones who have only been without their child for a day?  How is it different for them?  My heart broke for them.  I didn’t sleep a wink that night.


It’s Time To Rise Up For Children

I knew at that point that I needed to do whatever I could to help bring those children homeno matter how small my effort.  I believe with everything in me that many small efforts make a large effort.  I ran the idea by my team and everyone wholeheartedly supported the idea of making child safety and security a top priority for AlarmHive. 


So, on this “Rise Up For Children” day, AlarmHive is proud to announce we have elected to be a supporter of Operation Underground Railroad.  We will be doing a lot of work with them, supporting as many of their events as possible, and making financial contributions in the effort to abolish sexual slavery.  We invite you to stay tuned to our social media sites and our blog to know what we are doing and we invite you to join with us, as an industry that is built around keeping people safe in their homes, so be sure the most vulnerable of all are provided this right.  They need to be kept Safe and Alive in their Family Hive. 


Yours in safety,  


Trent Whatcott 



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