The Alarm Industry is Abuzz About House Bill 465

The Alarm Industry is Abuzz About House Bill 465

Will security alarm dealers still have to pay for false alarms in the state of Georgia? The fate is decided this week as the Georgia State Senate votes on House Bill 465. 

The hive is alive and buzzing with anticipation this week all about security alarm dealers and contractors in Georgia, who may be able to add a little pep in their installing step as the state swarms around them in a shield of protection. Last week, the Georgia House passed a bill that could prevent cities from fining security alarm contractors, installers, and dealers for false alarms.  

Known as House Bill 465, it would prevent cities in Georgia from fining alarm companies for false alarms that are triggered if it is not the fault of the company. However, alarm companies are not out of the woods! AlarmHive’s Queen Bee divvies the details of how an alarm contractor could still be fined: improper installation and the inability to provide evidence of phone logs, other electronic means, or visual evidence that the alarm verification process was followed. A word of advice to all installers? Document EVERYTHING!  

So, who would be responsible for a false alarm in Georgia if an alarm company installs correctly and can provide evidence? It would be the individual property owner’s responsibility to pay any fines or fees or be responsible for other penalties associated with false alarms, taking the sting away from alarm companies. 

To make this a reality, the bill would need to pass the state Senate to be enacted into law and if it becomes a law, it will replace other previously passed ordinances related to false alarms.  

Over the past three years, Georgian City of Sandy Springs and the alarm industry have been at war, battling over this city’s passed ordinance that fines alarm dealers should a home or business be fined for a false alarm, no matter who is at fault. John Loud, president of LOUD Security Systems, was involved in introducing this bill and sat down for a poignant discussion of the topic on the Alarm Buzz podcast. Listen here (or wherever else you listen to your podcasts)!

Stay tuned for the Senate’s vote this week! 


Georgia House Bill 465 has passed the Georgia Senate! It now has one small hurdle to clear before making its way to Governor Kemp’s desk for signing!  Congratulations to all who worked tirelessly to make this happen!

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