The Importance of the Alarm Industry

The Importance of the Alarm Industry in the World We Live in Today

About a week into America’s ‘panic buying’ that resulted from COVID-19, I read a social media post that enraged me. A family friend, a sweet elder woman we’ve known for years, had all of her food storage stolen from her home. When I first heard the news, I could not believe what I was reading! My first thought was, “If only she had a home security system, this could have been avoided.” A door sensor triggering an ear-piercing squelch may have been helpful. Maybe even a camera or two could have been a tool in finding the food thieves. Better yet, a full security system could have served as a deterred them from breaking in at all.

Several years ago, I too was a victim of a home burglary. The indescribable feeling of being ‘violated’ that comes with someone being inside my home without being invited, and without my knowledge is one I would never wish upon anyone. Many people have a false sense of security, with the ‘It will never happen to me’ belief, I know I did. Unfortunately, it did happen to me and it happens all too frequently to thousands of others across the country. It is estimated that over the next twenty years three out of every four homes in America will be broken into. Security systems, whether for a business or a residence, are a MUST in this day and age. A proper security system provides the owner with the peace of mind that they are adding a layer of protection to their business, home, and family.


How The Alarm Industry Has Progressed Over The Years

The Alarm Industry has come a long way in the past few years. Technology has allowed for features that only the Jetsons or Dick Tracy would have been able to access, until recently. There are various types of security systems to choose from depending on the individual needs of each customer. Some have sensors that can detect fire, motion, and even glass breaking! They can notify the home or business owner wherever they are in the world and determine which first responders are needed, based on the alarm. These functions are just the beginning of what a system can do. Some can turn lights on and off, control a thermostat, turn on music or television, and on and on, all controlled from a smartphone. In many cases, having a Security System can even lower insurance rates, making it a win all the way around!

People need to feel protected and safe; it’s the most basic need of the human condition. The Alarm Industry plays a crucial role in providing this security in guarding American homes, families, and businesses – now and in the future. AlarmHive is proud to play a small role in keeping families safe.



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