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The Stinger Wagging The Bee: The Alarm Industry Has A Problem & There’s A Simple Fix

Alarm dealer business management software options today boggle the mind. It is no wonder that a top concern of dealers is that a “Simple to use and easy to implement software solution dealers can work with; set it and forget it.” (, 2019) does not exist.


Currently, alarm dealers are required to pay significant monthly fixed costs for business management software that cannot align with their workflow. Further, because current alarm business management software offerings do not align with their workflow, dealers are also required to sign up for up to five other pieces of software, to align their digital workflow as closely as they can to their physical workflow.  Every piece of software added to the digital workflow creates the potential for lost resources and error in the physical workflow.


It is Time for the Bee to Wag the Stinger.

We say, “enough”. It is time for alarm dealer business management software to change to support the dealer and not vice-versa. Current alarm dealer business management software on the market was created by other alarm dealers who found the need to create a system to manage their workflow. They were savvy enough to create a system that perfectly matched their workflow. Once they had a system that worked for them, they saw the potential to market it to other dealers. The one thing they didn’t realize is that not all dealers go about their business the same way.


Alarm dealers have created their workflow to run their business the way they feel best supports their goals. They have spent time and resources to make sure everything is in place. Their business management software should support their decisions. AlarmHive is being crafted to do just that.


We are working with central stations and dealers across the country to create AlarmHive, the only completely dynamic alarm dealer business management software available today. Through simple drag and drop customization, dealers will be able to set the system up quickly, in a way that matches the way they go about their business; set it and forget it. To be sure AlarmHive supports dealers, we have instituted a collaboration group called, MasterHive. MasterHive gives dealers the ability to work with us as we develop the software and have their say.


Are you in?

If you’d like to see the wag return to the bee, please reach out to us at and we will set you up right away!



Trent Whatcott 



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