Why Hive?

As we were discussing the branding for our company, we hit a wall at the name. We knew “Alarm” was required to communicate which industry we serve. We felt it was a real benefit to our future customers to know that the alarm dealer market is where our passion lies.

As I was lying in bed one night, several options scrolled through my head. Most were terrible, and I could feel the frustration begin to build. Just as I was dosing off, it hit me: “HIVE!” I sat up in bed, wrote the word on my iPad, and laid back down to sleep…then the “lizard brain” woke up. “What if I am the only one who likes the idea?” “What if it is stupid?” “Of course, it sounds good right now, you’re half asleep. It’s going to sound stupid in the morning!”

But it didn’t. As I thought about the word hive, sleep escaped me. I opened my computer and began researching bees, colonies, and hives. The more I learned about the role a hive plays in the lives of bees, the more I realized how relevant “Hive” was to our work.


Building the hive is the first work a colony performs once established. The early nectar collected mixes with a waxy substance that bees naturally create in their stomachs. Bees secrete the resulting blend for building material, and construction begins. Bees shape this material into hexagons and have used no other shape for the 120 million years of their existence. Bees innately understand what science only recently discovered; The geometry of a hexagon uses the least material to hold the most weight possible and, when linked together, will not leak.

Customized Just for Their Needs.

Once the hive is complete, bees innately know that the hive is the exact size, weight, and strength for the amount of nectar available within their flight paths. A colony can gather up to 500 lbs. of honey, depending on conditions around the hive. Having a hive custom-built for their exact environment is paramount, not too big, not too small, not too heavy, just right. Bees have complete trust that the hive will perfectly support the colony’s entire workflow.

One Hive.

One hive stores all the pollen and nectar the colony collects. Worker bees leave the hive and do the physical labor of foraging, but they are only good for roughly 500 total miles of flight. As a result, efficiency is of utmost importance. If a worker bee had to forage and then go to six different hives to input the honey, they would burn through 500 miles more quickly, and confusion and chaos could ensue.

Having one location for all the honey helps worker bees live longer and makes the colony efficient.

The Hive Mind.

Once the colony is established and builds the hive, the real work begins. All bees become part of the hive mind. The queen mates with 10 to 20 drone bees who die immediately after. The queen lives on and fertilizes and lays one egg every 20 seconds for the rest of her life. Worker bees begin caring for the hive, the larvae, and collect the pollen and nectar.

Through proper channels, communication is accurate and precise, making the work run with near-perfect accuracy and zero friction. Hive Entry and exit are perfectly coordinated for all 20,000 to 80,000 worker bees. Time spent working in the hive, working outside of the hive, and resting is understood by each bee, as is inventory and remaining capacity. The hive mind is a system so frictionless that the colony functions as one beautiful symphony.

No Other Word Comes Close.

As I studied the role of the hive, its purpose became symbolic of what we were creating.

Efficient & Customized

Like a beehive, AlarmHive is customizable to each customer’s needs. Each customer creates her own workflow through a simple drag and drop process. Once the process is complete, AlarmHive becomes the one, efficient business management system, custom-built for each customer.

One Hive

AlarmHive is not broken out into modules for which a customer has to pay more to use. All aspects of the system are included and are one, seamless program. Like a hive, AlarmHive is the only system our customers will need. No need to cobble together five or six applications to create a system.

The Hive Mind

With AlarmHive, redundancy, friction, and “room for error” disappear, making the process much simpler for your entire colony. Nothing slips through the cracks, because there are no cracks. Our goal is to make AlarmHive so seamless for your team that they perform their job as if they are one beautiful symphony of bees.

Yours in growing our hives together,

Trent Whatcott


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